Toolkit Tools

Below you will find a list of tools available to local systems. The list may be filtered by selecting a toolkit category, or by entering a toolkit reference, then clicking "Apply."
Category Title Reference Required Date
Fiscal Budget Instructions for Iowa Grants 05/01/2020
Fiscal Carry Forward Policy Y 06/02/2017
Fiscal Encumbered/Obligated Funds Policy Y 11/07/2014
Fiscal Expenditures and Reporting Policy Y 12/17/2017
Fiscal Note Disclosure for Financial Agreed Upon Procedure (Tool UU) Y 05/25/2018
Fiscal FY19 Annual Report Instructions for Iowa Grants FY19 Annual Report Y 09/10/2019
Fiscal Payment Considerations When Changing Fiscal Agents Tool B 10/24/2019
Fiscal Early Childhood Iowa School Ready Funds Preschool Programming Support for Low Income Families Tool CC Y 03/05/2018
Fiscal Cost Allocation Tool DD Y 03/05/2018
Fiscal Early Childhood Iowa School Ready Family Support & Parent Education Tool FF Y 06/05/2020
Fiscal Early Childhood Iowa Area Funding Tool G Y 08/29/2019
Fiscal Fiscal Clarifications Tool H 08/29/2019
Fiscal Indirect Cost Rate Principles Tool H(A) 03/06/2020
Fiscal Mid-Year Financial Reporting Tool SS Y 11/07/2014
Fiscal Guidance to Early Childhood Iowa Area Boards Regarding Financial Agreed Upon Procedures Tool UU Y 05/25/2018
COVID-19, Fiscal FY20 Carry-Forward Guidance to Early Childhood Iowa Area Boards Regarding Financial Agreed Upon Procedures - COVID-19 Response Tool UU FY20 05/28/2020
Board Operations Evaluating Results Through Data – Performance Measures Template 06/05/2018
Board Operations Health & Human Services (HHS) Poverty Guidelines (2020) 01/22/2020
Board Operations Policy for Statewide Merger Waiver Y 07/29/2010
Board Operations Policy for Waiver to Merge Y 11/05/2010
Board Operations ECI Organizational Table Tool A 11/19/2019
Board Operations Board of Directors Self-Evaluation Tool AA 06/21/2018
Board Operations Appeal Process Tool BB 06/21/2018
Board Operations Requirements/Options for Area Boards Tool C 12/04/2017
Board Operations Official Meetings Open to Public Tool D Y 03/01/2012
Board Operations Examination of Records (Open Records) Tool E Y 06/21/2018
Board Operations Statutory Responsibilities of an Early Childhood Iowa Area Board Tool GG Y 08/22/2019
Board Operations Indicators and Data Dictionary Tool K(B) Y 06/14/2019
Board Operations Board Membership Representation Requirements for Local ECI Area Boards Tool LL Y 05/31/2018
Board Operations Investing in the Business Investment Program Tool M 04/09/2018
Board Operations Area Director Competencies/Skills Tool MM 06/21/2018
Board Operations Statewide Performance Measures Tool O Y 04/11/2018
Board Operations Instructions for Statewide Performance Measures Tool P Y 04/11/2018
Board Operations Introduction to Robert's Rules of Order Tool Q 12/01/2017
Board Operations Contracting For Services Tool QQ 03/14/2011
Board Operations Insurance Needs for Local Area Boards Tool T Y 05/31/2018
Board Operations Funding Process for Early Childhood Iowa Area Boards Tool TT 10/24/2019
Board Operations Process for Early Childhood Iowa Area Boundary Change Tool U Y 03/04/2012
Board Operations Conflict of Interest/Duality Tool V Y 04/01/2012
Board Operations Non-Profit Status Tool W 12/01/2017
Board Operations Developing Board Bylaws Tool X Y 04/01/2012
Board Operations Credit Card Policy Guidance Tool XX 09/11/2019
Board Operations Sample Board Member Job Description Tool Y 04/01/2012
Designation Designation Appeal Process 09/08/2017
Designation Designation Mid-Cycle Review of Contract Award & Monitoring 09/23/2019
Designation Designation Review Matrix 08/22/2017
Designation Frequently Used Data Sources for Needs Assessments 03/20/2018
Designation Kindergarten Assessment Tables 04/05/2018
Designation Woods & Poole 0 - 5 Population Estimates (2018) 01/13/2020
Designation Woods & Poole 0- 5 Population Estimates (2016 and 2017) 03/20/2018
Designation ECI Area Board Designation– General Policies Tool N Y 09/14/2020
Designation Community Plan Guidance Tool NN 08/10/2017
Designation Area Director Professional Development Plan Template Tool OO 04/01/2012
Designation Board Professional Development Plan Template Tool PP 12/01/2017
Designation Developing Policies and Procedures Tool RR 03/14/2011
Designation Strategies to Measure and Build on Collaborative Relationships Tool YY 09/01/2017
COVID-19 ECI Area Boards Responding to COVID-19 04/03/2020
COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Exception Provisions for Early Childhood Iowa Area Boards Carry-Forward Percentage 04/24/2020
COVID-19 Use of Teleconferencing in Family Support during Public Health Emergencies 10/15/2020
COVID-19, Fiscal FY20 Carry-Forward Guidance to Early Childhood Iowa Area Boards Regarding Financial Agreed Upon Procedures - COVID-19 Response Tool UU FY20 05/28/2020

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