Private Public Partnership Committee

Definition and Goal Statement

The Early Childhood Iowa Public Private Partnership (ECIPPP) is a long-term collaboration between the public and private sectors to promote efforts that build public awareness of the importance of early childhood development. The primary area of this partnership is to create awareness among businesses about the critical role child care plays in retaining reliable, productive employees.


ECIPPP envisions Iowa as a leader in business, family and community partnerships that focus on early childhood care. Studies consistently show that investments in high-quality early learning programs impact communities. Increasing the quality, availability, and sustainability of these programs and services will benefit Iowans by:

  • Strengthening families with young children
  • Reducing crime and incarceration rates
  • Increasing tax revenues
  • Supporting more effective public schools
  • Improving lifelong health

Additionally, there are a number of benefits for Iowa’s private sector. Increasing the quality, availability, and sustainability of programs and services will benefit Iowa businesses by:

  • Reducing employers’ recruiting and training costs
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Increasing employee engagement and work satisfaction
  • Strengthening the quality of Iowa’s future workforce

For any additional information, contact:

Shanell Wagler, ECI State Office

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