Integrated Data Systems

In response to demands on public service systems to do more, do better, and cost less, attention is being drawn to the value of integrated data systems (IDS) for research to inform executive decision-making. While ECI efforts to date have focused on enhancing the effectiveness of early childhood services through local area boards, we have recently revisited the legislative recommendations within both the ECI Initiative (Chapter 256i) and the 2007 Head Start Reauthorization Act (H.R. 1429-642b) to advance the development of an early childhood IDS. Such a system would facilitate statewide needs assessments to identify gaps in current service system networks, enhance effective programming efforts at the provider level, broaden our ability to measure successful child outcomes in diverse and meaningful ways, and promote data-driven decisions about funding priorities.

The Departments of Education, Human Rights, Human Services, Management, Public Health and Workforce Development have partnered with Iowa State University by establishing a task force, under the Results Accountability Component Group, to develop an early childhood IDS.  

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