Core Services Committee

ECI has a vision to build a framework to support public and private stakeholders to move towards a core set of services for young children and their families.

Tree RootsEarly Childhood Iowa supports the development of a comprehensive early childhood service system: services, programs and activities that occur prior to a child entering school.  The conceptualization of that system of systems is where we are moving in the future.

 You might think of it as building strong roots of a tree.

With the leadership of the ECI State Board, ECI is working towards an identification of those core services which will serve as the strong roots needed.  The process involves assessing what is currently in place, maximizing what we have, and promoting systems-level thinking.  This ongoing process will help the system assure ‘core’ services are reaching each Iowa family with young children that need them.  The purpose of building a core set of services for the system is to accomplish the results of:

Special Needs/Early Intervention is infused in each of the Sectors

  • healthy children,
  • children ready to succeed in school,
  • secure and nurturing families,
  • secure and nurturing early learning environments, and
  • safe and secure communities.

The ultimate goal, using this data, is to promote a consistent methodology to support a knowledge and understanding of how Iowa’s ‘core services’ are available to support its youngest children (0-5) and their families across the state.

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