Resources and Funding

The role of the Resources and Funding component group is to identify and connect resources and funding within, available to or potentially useable by the Early Care, Health and Education system. The role includes an assessment of system resources needed and the development of a funding mechanism that can better leverage current resources within the system. The group is also responsible for exploring new mechanisms to align or braid funding streams so all funding coming into the system can contribute to its overall development while delivering the results and maintaining accountability to the original funders.

Group Responsibilities:

  • To identify the costs and financing structure of a high quality Early Care, Health and Education system and secure potential revenue sources.
  • To provide the core stakeholders with an annual plan to seek funding to expand and better fund a unified system of Early Care, Health and Education.
  • To partner with other entities in seeking funding to expand and more adequately fund prioritized activities of the Early Childhood Iowa Council.

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