Stakeholders Alliance

Vision and Purpose

Early Childhood Iowa Stakeholders Alliance is a confederation of stakeholders in early care, health, and education systems that affect children age zero to five in the State of Iowa.

Its purpose:

  • Overseeing/providing input into the development of a comprehensive, integrated early childhood system for Iowa that meets the needs of children ages 0-5 and families, and integrates the early learning; health, mental health and nutrition; family support and special needs/early intervention systems
  • Supporting the Early Childhood Iowa State Board in addressing the early care, health, and education systems that affect children ages 0 -5.
  • Advising (as the legislated State Early Childhood Advisory Council) the governor, general assembly, state ECI board, and other public and private policy bodies and service providers in coordinating activities and policies related to Iowa’s comprehensive early childhood system.


ECI SA members includes a representative of any organization or as an individual that touches the lives of children ages prenatal through five years in the state; has endorsed the purpose, vision, and guiding principles adopted for the early childhood system by the alliance. Members (whether individual or representing an organization) are self-appointed to the alliance.

Component Groups

The ECI SA has six component groups that address key areas of Iowa’s early childhood system. These groups ensure that each component of a successful system is present and functioning as well as possible and work, as appropriate, on the implementation of specific strategies as indicated by the Early Childhood Iowa strategic plan:

Resources and Data

Access to quality, affordable child care is essential to thousands of Iowa working parents with children under the age of three to enter, re-enter and remain in the workforce. By applying the economic impacts of insufficient child care from a nationally-representative study by ReadyNation, the brief identifies the aggregate yearly ($369.4 million) and long-term ($914.4 million, first 13 years) economic impacts in Iowa to working parents, businesses and taxpayers. The February 2020 Iowa brief identifies the Estimated Cost of the Child Care Shortage in Iowa

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For more information, contact:

Amanda Winslow
Iowa Department of Management
Phone: 515-242-5895


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