October 2020 Monthly Musing

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Effective Policies and Strategies Strengthen the Prenatal-to-3 System of Care

The Roadmap summary chart identifies the effective policies and strategies that positively impact each prenatal through age three goal. In the Roadmap summary chart, each goal is represented in a column, and the circles in the columns align with the policies and strategies that impact the goals. This chart helps each state select the policies and strategies that directly impact the state’s prenatal through age three goals.

Child Care Aware® of America Annual Report

Child Care Aware® of America has released their annual report which includes State Fact Sheets and data collected as recently as July 2020 to capture the massive changes the child care system experience, so far, due to COVID-19. The downloadable report has been paired with a new interactive website that includes testimonials and animated infographics. 

Does Quality Early Childhood Education Lead to More Successful Lives as Adults?

Yes, many studies have found that quality early learning experiences contribute to people’s success as adults. The National Academy of Sciences has developed an on-line resource focused on the importance of early childhood.

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