August 2020 Monthly Musing

Monday, August 3, 2020

RFP for Child Care Business Services ACFS 22-001

The Department of Human Services has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Child Care Business Services ACFS 22-001.  Interested parties may view the full RFP and all related materials on the Bid Opportunities website. The RFP seeks to secure a Contractor that will provide business services to regulated child care providers in the State.  The Contractor will provide training, coaching and technical assistance on effective business practices to both center and home-based settings to support operation of sustainable child care businesses that provide quality child care services to Iowa's families.

Children's Books to Prompt and Further Conversations on Race

A recent blog post via the PBS Teacher's Lounge featured a list of children's books to promote conversations with children. As Brittany Smith, an educator and author of this featured blog post, stated, "children are much more observant than we give them credit for. If we want to raise a conscientious generation, one that is anti-racist and pro-justice, we have to expose them to toys, books, museums, and films that align with those ideologies. I’m an educator, but also a Black woman. I realize the importance of representation, not just in the sense of what someone looks like, but representation of different cultures, heritages, and history." Ms. Smith's hope for her suggested list of books is, "hope that these books spark honest conversations about differences, and sometimes, the things people face because of those differences."

Parental Controls for Kids on Devices

Parental Controls for Kids on Devices provides a timely guide for parents with kids learning online. This guide discusses the pros and cons of parental controls and their effectiveness as well as options and tools to implement them.

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