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Examination of Records (Open Records)

This document provides guidance regarding Open Records law.

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Examination of Public Records

(Open Records)

Iowa Code Chapter 22

Tool E

 Early Childhood Iowa (ECI) areas with concerns about the Open Records law are encouraged to obtain legal advice within their communities.  We encourage ECI areas to contact their county attorney but they may seek legal representation from collaborative partners, city attorney, fiscal agents, or others. The following is intended for information purposes only.


All records of ECI area boards are subject to the Open Records Law.  Iowa Code § 256I.7(5) states in part as follows:  “All meetings of an area board or any committee or other body established by an area board at which public business is discussed or formal action taken shall comply with the requirements of chapter 21 [Open Meetings].  An area board shall maintain its records in accordance with chapter 22 [Open Records].” 


Please refer to the entire text of chapter 21 and 22 for more information.


The following guidance was prepared by Governor Vilsack’s office specifically for the ECI Area Directors quarterly technical assistance meeting, December 13, 2006. 

Reformatted June 2018