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April 1, 2021 ECI Steering Agenda

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Welcome & Small Group Breakouts 
Please share your name/agency and your favorite “knock knock” joke or April Fools Day story!
Welcome new ISU/ECI staff person
State Board Update from Richard Clewell

Data Use Discussion

  • List of data resources (tools that can be used within your workgroups)
  • Group feedback about these shared resources:

Indiana – this website has a “Interactive data dashboard” with user friendly maps and capacity to drill down data at county levels and generate PDF reports

Illinois – this tool includes information about fiscal supports and resources (click on Step 1, and within the “online database” link there is a specific drop down for “Early Childhood Service Types”)

Component Group Co-chairs & At-Large Members review current action plans and work aligned with the strategic plan.

Considerations for next steps with the strategic plan. Discuss current goals, strategies, actions with the current, high momentum and opportunities. 

Connections with the ECCS Grant (pending). 

Draft Strategic Plan Orientation
Orientations for Component Groups

  • Discuss key questions to ask our graduate student audience for their input on content, order of content, more/less information, and ideas for splicing/grouping information, etc.

Informational Item:
New Cross-Disciplinary Competencies for Early ACCESS and Early Childhood Special Education

  • Review the new national cross-disciplinary competencies
  • Reflect upon the competencies via break out groups 
  • Utilize Jamboard to capture feedback

Next steps: 

  • What should we work on as a Steering Committee?
  • Identify shared early childhood system priorities. 
  • What information/data would be helpful to inform the next step and priorities?